Beezy Douglas (BZ) and Deb Zep (DZ) met and fell in love at an open mic in NYC.

These days you can catch them in Cleveland playing a mix of heart-churning, foot-stomping originals and covers, in a range of bluesy/folksy styles.


A Musical Love Story

In the spring of 2009, Brian Douglas stepped into the world of New York City’s open mics as a standup comic and emerged a few months later as a budding musician after crossing paths with a little-known Texas troubadour named Charley Crockett, who started calling him “Beezy.”

Around the same time, a young woman named Deb Szczepkowski was finally working up the courage to step out of karaoke bars and stop singing alone in her car. Being the deeply considerate soul that she is, she spared open mic hosts the trouble of pronouncing her name, and started signing up as “Deb Zep”.

Performed at “Bigger than a Breadbox”, an Akron variety showcase produced by Wandering Aesthetics.


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